Melaka Digital Nomad Escape in Malaysia

Melaka is a great location for Digital Nomads in Malaysia that want to escape from the Digital mania; give yourself a little peace and rest from the digitally overloaded working nomad’s lifestyle. Melaka is a World Heritage City, its beauty and historical sites are world-famous. It’s slow pace and digitally unfriendly characteristics, will make Melaka an unforgettable experience.

Melaka World Heritage

There’s plenty of us digital nomad in Asia, but if you will be looking for digital nomads in Melaka, you might as well be looking for polar bears … none is here. One or two backpackers still pass through for a week-end or so, but none stay for longer periods. Why is that? Being such a lovely and quite place with such a great historical presence? I see 2 reasons for keeping Digital Nomads away: WiFi sucks and little or nothing to do at night, unfortunately that’s the crude reality, which might be actually improving as I write, but Melaka hasn’t made yet in the digital nomad checklist for hot locations.

So, Melaka is a kind of soft Digital Detox town as opposed to the very close by digital nomad hub, Kuala Lumpur. I really love it here, I still get access to the internet but its scarce reliability, give me so much time for sleeping, eating, working on my business strategies, rather than implementation and generally chill, relax and make friends. Obviously I can afford to do that, I don’t really have to be 8 hours a day on the internet like some remote working nomads have to. Amongst Digital Nomads, plenty of people will be able to spend a few weeks here and really detox and recharge without loosing track of things.

Melaka is a small coastal town on the Strait of Malacca. Some people refer to it as Malacca but recently, on May the 3rd 2017, the State Executive Council has decided that the name “Malacca” for the state, commonly used in English, will no longer be used and instead has to be replaced with the name Melaka. Well, at least is a stop to the confusion …

The local sport is definitely Eating. Some people practice all day long and weekends become an occasion for heavy competitions with long queues in the local eateries for Satay, Original Coconut Shake and more; I have personally met a few high level practitioners, well-known in the scene that can go to 3 different restaurants during the same meal session; that’s hardcore! Practice make perfect, so I got in the ring myself a few times and got shamelessly beaten at the second dish. You Don’t mess with Melaka is the State slogan … respect!

Satay queue Melaka


After so much eating, it’s obvious that Sleeping is also very big in town; afternoons are hot and a humid with occasional sea breeze, a great chance to give yourself a little break and have a wonderful nap. Not unusual to find a few locals cracking a nap on the benches along the river on a sleepy afternoons. I heard some people do the exact same in offices and I have seen some people sleeping at their desk at the bank too, class! Devotion is the key, the more you do it the easier it gets, eventually you might be able to sleep while standing or while on the job like this two cops in Penang (another beautiful and sleepy town/island in Malaysia)

Sleeping Cops


Jokes apart, Melaka is one of my favourite spots on the Planet. The city is home to some of the friendliest people in South East Asia who happen to live together in peace and harmony despite racial differences; the population is predominantly Malay and Chinese, Indian also constitutes a sizeable percentage and a few minorities permanently reside in town from Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh and more. Plenty of choice when it comes to making friends!

Melaka is undergoing a huge development process, started a few years ago and moving at an incredible speed. I recommend anyone interested in getting the local flavour to hurry in town, in a few years this place might be unrecognisable, it already is, if you compare it with only 10 years ago. I end this post with a picture gallery of some amongst the hundreds of pictures I have taken while in town over a period of 5 weeks, so that you can see how beautiful Melaka is, without my boring comments 😉

Jalan Jalan in and around Melaka


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