Langkawi for digital nomads

Next stop, is Pulau Langkawi for digital nomads a excellent option, allow me the prior sentence in order to get some SEO value 🙂 Contrary to what most travellers think, Pulau Langkawi in Malaysia, is a beautiful island with plenty of opportunities for travellers as well as for Digital Nomads that like islands.

There’s too much hype going about the “next door” Penang Island which promotes Langkawi as a sort of “no go, it’s not worth the time”, kind of destination. I don’t agree with it and I don’t fall into the mental trap of comparing the 2 islands and judge on which one is best.

Langkawi has the reputation for being expensive and touristy, a holiday island only suitable to couples and flash packers. The reputation is not far from the truth, but does not really give the full picture. Luxury options are certainly available but are nicely balanced by a budget service layer providing to all pockets.

Just to give some numbers, it is possible to rent a motorbike for the month for about 250-300 Malaysian Ringgit, less than 100 US dollars, it is also possible to rent a nice hotel room for about the same, up to double the price. First point renting by month makes the whole difference and digital nomads have the time as opposed to backpackers and travellers.

Most travellers turn up in high season and have great difficulties in finding good deals simply because as the request for services goes up, the prices follow. Second point turn up in low/mid season everything is much cheaper. Simply avoid the December / January period of prepare for it by making advanced payments on your rentals.

The island has plenty to offer: stunning sunsets, pristine nature, breath taking waterfalls and views, gorgeous beaches. Also, getting out of the tourist areas will provide you a good insight into the Malaysian culture of the island, very interesting and unique. Local food is really good and any kind of international restaurant can be found. Third point get out of the tourist areas for the local experience. I personally prefer the combination of tourist areas and authentic areas, rather than the fake local, only good for Instagram, but that’s my preference. Also if you go local everything is much much cheaper and authentic.

If you need a co-working spot, you can find it and plenty of cafes are available all over the place. Internet is fast and mostly reliable in the major centers or beach areas; just subscribe to a 4G monthly package on your phone as a backup, a real nice and very fast backup for roughly 10 US dollars a month. There isn’t yet a scene for digital nomads, somebody tried to start it last year but it did not work, for them; far too high expectations and little funds, from my point of view.

To finish up, Langkawi is a lovely spot with plenty of potential. Thailand is 2 hours away for visa runs and the Malaysia Visa is 3 months for most travellers, which gives time to really focus an projects and be past of a community. Well, think about it, give it a try and see it for yourself, you might just love it and stay for a few months.

As usual if you have any questions simply ask and I’ll do my best to answer timely. Enjoy and don’t work too much 🙂


  1. Thank you for taking the time to review Langkawi. I’m a fan of Thailand but looking for an alternative for a month – April (visa pressures).
    Hoping the Internet will be solid enough to work consistently (some customers call me on my VoIP phone). Fingers crossed!

  2. Connectivity is pretty good, surely enogh to support VoIP calls. Look for co-working places, there’s one in Cenang and some coffee shops are good too. Hotels and hostels provide good connection. Having said that, get yourself of a mobile network and you’ll get fast 4g anyway. Enjoy!

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for your lovely anecdotes about Digital Nomadism in Langkawi. We are grateful for that and if you are ever again Langkawi – one Free Day pass awaits you.

  4. Thanks so much. I’ll come back to Langkawi at one point or another, I’ll be glad to meet you guys. Enjoy 🙂

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