Get some digital work done in Ipoh, Malaysia

As a digital nomad in Malaysia, if you don’t manage to get some work done in Ipoh, chances are, you are not really up for doing some work.

I have recently stayed Ipoh for a month and managed to produce more quality work than in the previous three. Once I got accustomed the slow pace of living, I managed to spend a good few hours a day working and finish my latest app the VISA Travel Calculator for South-East Asia. Please check it out, you might find it of use.

I believe a combination of the following NO elements make Ipoh one of the best towns to really concentrate and make it happen.


Are you a Digital nomad that likes to party and stay up all night? Well, in Ipoh you will pretty much be the only one. The old and new town shut down at 9 or 10 pm, leaving much of the streets empty and really quite. Needless to say that if you are really looking for some nightlife fun, you will find it, but do not expect to be that exciting.


Between 11 am and 5 pm is a big “don’t go anywhere”, unless you must or have a car; the heat is “massive” and digital Nomads lifestyle, is not about getting sun-burned, right? When the weather is not right, I find a nice chilled place, get some food, some coffee and focus for a few hours on doing some work; there’s plenty of nice coffee shops and eateries in the old town, no worries. Let the tourists melt their brains and bodies while I use my time at best. Visiting any of tourist sites, can be easily done in the morning or late evening; most sites are reachable within minutes by Grab or bicycle.


Anything you might need, is within reach in the old and new town. Food, clothes, transport and so forth are within minutes walk; the new bus station is quite a few kilometres out-of-town, but I only went on the way in an out. The town centre is striving with little businesses, most of which family run; anything you need is there, just ask. I found the people in Ipoh to be very helpful, direct and down to the point. Anybody will be happy to help if nicely asked 🙂

To finish off this short post, I would say that Ipoh standards are quite high, when compared with other Malaysian cities of similar sizes. Good news, prices are very affordable in terms of accommodation and food, it’s worth to spend a little more than usual, to get much more than usual. I would also add that Ipoh’s reputation for great food and atmosphere could be easily extended by adding fun and productive, for digital nomads in Malaysia.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments. I will be back to Ipoh, soon enough.





  1. Hi Andrea, just saw your post about being a digital nomad in Ipoh. Where did you get your work done in Ipoh during your one month stay? Hope to hear from you.


    • I stayed at an hostel near the train station called 1981, very quite and excellent facilities. Some other friends stay at the Octagon in the center, you can rent an apartment, but not so cheap 🙂

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