Digital Nomads on the beach in Phuket, Thailand

Digital Nomads beach in Phuket

Phuket beaches for digital nomads

We all know the digital nomads on the beach Instagram photo, don’t we? The one with the guy or girl pretending to work on a laptop sitting on a beach chair in front of the sea. That kind of picture taken in Phuket, or any other beach in the planet, has certainly made an impression on the thousands of new comers to digital nomadism over the past few years. We all know it is just a marketing stunt, made by someone trying to convince an hyper-stressed digital worker to spend some money on consultancy, tour packages and take off to some tropical destination. In facts, very very few digital nomads or remote workers actually manage to spend more than a few minutes on the beach in front of a laptop; heat, extreme sunlight, bugs, noise, vendors, connectivity is just a few of the impediments on order to “live” the digital nomad lifestyle on the beach; but a few minutes is enough to take the cliche Instagram picture to fool some fool, i guess.

Digital Nomad beach lifestyle

Anyhow, that does not mean a pretty chilled and tropical lifestyle cannot be lived on an island or beach anywhere you like. Phuket in Thailand has some pretty stunning beaches closely surrounded by coffee shops, at the back of the beach, on a cliff or on the beach itself. You can easily enjoy a nice cup of coffee, air-conditioning and a “sometimes” quite atmosphere, while getting on with your work and at intervals stare at the beach thinking “let’s get over with this stuff and jump in the water πŸ™‚ “.

Beach chilling in Phuket for digital nomads

Phuket in brief

Phuket, very famous Thai island has been on the tourist trail for decades. Since 1995 the international airport has increased passenger traffic tenfold, bringing today arrivals to more than 10 millions per year, do not expect a quite remote tropical island. Having said that, as usual, tourists flock the tourists sites, leaving some of the most beautiful beaches semi-deserted, especially during the low season (Jun-Nov).

Phuket has everything to offer to the Digital Nomad on the move. Beaches (of course), food, culture, sightseeing, all sorts of activities ranging from scuba diving to sailing and the infamous night life; Patong beach has a huge strip of bars and night clubs where everything goes, no need for explanations. Connectivity is excellent and mobile G4 is available pretty much everywhere, no stress about it.

Digital nomad on a budget

If you happen to be on a tight budget, my recommendation is to focus only on the low season. Prices of accommodation and some activities drops a staggering 50-60% during the low season, making Phuket affordable to most pockets. You can easily find a hotel room with all amenities for 10-15 bucks a day and rent a motorbike for 2-3 bucks a day. Monthly rates are available on all facilities; for accommodation I recommend to stay a couple of day before committing to a longer period, to avoid surprises, they do happen.

Needs to be mentioned that, coffee shops and restaurant can still be a little pricey during the low season, but co-working spaces offer discounts and it isn’t hard to find accommodation with cooking facilities. Major supermarkets are available with similar prices to mainland Thailand.

Phuket sunset

Phuket is huge and has it all

Finding your way around the island can be a little overwhelming to begin with, the island is pretty sizeable, covering roughly 50 km in length. Traffic is major problem in urban areas making a 20 km trip take hours at pick time. With time you’ll learn your way around and find the shortcuts, there’s plenty; with time you’ll also learn the best times to get around for a cruise on your motorbike or car.

Phuket has also an historical element in Phuket town, the capital. The historical buildings, most of which being restored to original look, make a lovely backdrop to local markets and street walking. Phuket town is also cheaper than some of the beaches and has plenty of accommodation and facilities for the long term. Make sure to pay a visit.

Digital nomad escape from the city

Overall, Phuket is great island to spend a few weeks or months while working and enjoying the island life. Most digital nomads I have come across use it as an escape from the burning season in Chiang Mai or the Bangkok heat. Although plenty of other islands are suitable to digital nomads, Phuket is an easy and comfortable choice for the digital nomads that likes to keep busy and needs comfort. There much more to Phuket than what I have been writing of course, it’s up to you to find out and do not hesitate to post a comment and let everyone know about the latest events and discoveries in Phuket. Enjoy the beach and keep on moving πŸ™‚

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