Meditation for Digital Nomads – Part 1

Meditation Retreat

Do you know what meditation actually is? Have you ever considered learning to meditate? How would a Digital Nomad benefit from practising meditation? Keep on reading this introduction to meditation for Digital Nomads and by the end of the blog post series, you will know more about meditation that most people in the planet.

Digital Nomad travel, work, stress balance

Being a Digital Nomad does not make your life easier and problems free; in fact it’s the opposite, especially at the beginning. Working online while being on the road adds an extra layer of complication to your business or job. Trying to experience local cultures while staying effectively in touch with co-workers, bosses or clients, while on a different timezone, it’s confusing to say the least.

Fun activities, meeting fellow digital nomads, enjoying beautiful views, parties at co-working spaces, will sort of help to you to overcome the daily piling up of stress coming from work, travel and adaptation, but … these remedies are not guaranteed to show up as regularly as you might need them and are not guaranteed to work all the times.

If you happen to travel often, while under stress, you will have already gotten anaesthetised to most WO0o0OW effects; a waterfall might just look like water falling and a plate of Phad Thai is just food; nothing is that special anymore. At that point, some Digital Nomads I have met start taking on too much of the fabricated fun (alcohol, drugs and so forth), and entering the Nomad Drop Slope; concentration goes down, communication get’s complicated, work get’s sloppy, boredom kicks in and so forth; it is the end.


The reason why things seems to get out of hand and life seems to be less enjoyable is that you’ve set wrong expectations based on false views. The expectation is that life on the road is fun, interesting, challenging, exciting … all of which is true … but not all the times. The expectation is that you’ll be able to cope with the work load, you’ll be healthy, fully charged, enjoy travelling … all of which is true … but not all the times. The expectation is that you’ll meet great people, you’ll find a safe place to live and money will not be an issue … all of which is true … but guess what … not all the times. If you could place your state of mind on a graph with happiness on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal, it will look like a mountain range, ups and downs, from the highs to the lows. If the vertical axis would be concentration, focus, fun or any of the mental states you can think of … the graph will still look like ups and downs. We simply cannot maintain a constant state of happiness, fun and concentration … we keep on jumping from one state to another, throughout the day; happy, unhappy, sad, relieved, sad again, happy again and so forth. Obviously is not so clean-cut, but you get the point. That constant state change creates unbalance which then becomes hard to manage and turns into the so-called “Stress”.

What is meditation

In brief, based on the above considerations, Meditation, amongst many other things, is an excellent tool in order to make the Digital Nomad “mind state graph” smoother with long sections of flat areas, above the zero level in the “comfortable zone”. Most peaks are avoided, which results in a greater level of balance, therefore maintaining stress levels at bay.


This post is just a little hint of the kind of writing I can do in regards to Meditation and Digital Nomads. I have been meditating regularly and intensively for over 15 years, while on the road. Meditation has given me the tools in order to keep calm, focused and truly make the most of my time. It has also given me a polished and clear view on reality and expectations.

If you would like me to continue writing about Meditation in regards to Digital Nomad-ism, leave a comment or better, send me a question so that I will be able to provide relevant info, rather than rumble about my experience and views. I hope to hear from you soon.

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