How to know that you are a Digital Nomad

Let’s get straight to the point, let’s engage, let’s talk to each others, let’s not waste each others time and go straight to the core question; please, prepare yourself to give an answer … here is the question.

Are you a Digital Nomad?

Please answer the question in your head, prior to continue reading … your answer should come fast, in a matter of a couple of seconds, either yes or not.

Again then … are you a Digital Nomad?

If you weren’t able to give a fast answer, you might not know the exact definition of the term “Digital Nomad”, I might not be sure myself … well … let’s find out together. The readers whom gave the quick yes/no answer might also be interested in what Wikipedia has to say:

“Digital nomads are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—from home, coffee shops, public libraries and even from recreational vehicles to accomplish tasks and goals that used to traditionally take place in a single stationary workplace.”

Do you fit into the Wikipedia definition? It’s kind of general, like many Wiki definitions are. Well, are you convinced, is that you? Can you now answer the question, are you a Digital Nomad? Hummm, OK … let’s get deeper into it and see what we can learn. I have highlighted the terms that might provoke uncertainties.

  • Individual
    Me, you, everybody, one by one, not a company, a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.
  • Telecommunications technologies
    Skype, Facebook, Broadband, Google Drive, VOIP, TCP/IP, WordPress, Ftp  just to mention some. Basically any technology that provides location independence. No matter where you are, you can still perform your duties or tasks.
  • Work duties
    Mental or physical activities, that has to be performed as a means of earning income.
  • Lifestyle
    The way a person lives based on personal values, preferences, and world view.
  • Nomadic or nomad
    A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer. The term is often associated with traveling, roaming.
  • Work remotely
    Working from a location other than the conventional office.

Does that helps you out? I really hope so, the English language in its simplest form, is so down to interpretation, it’s good to get the record straight with terms and meanings, right? So, basically, to make it short, allow me to simplify the Wiki definition by openly and swiftly saying that … a Digital Nomad is:

  • A Facebook addicted lonely weirdo, who slaves online for money, while away from home,  trying to archive the unachievable = to fit in.

WOow, maybe it hasn’t really come out as good as I thought it would have. Well? Do you fit into the revised definition? Not really? Are you sure? I might have come up with it too fast, let me try again. There’s many ways of interpreting definitions? Right?

OK, let’s try with version 2 and see what happens … a Digital Nomad is:

  • A self obsessed computer programmer, whose idea of travel is basically flying from airport to airport, who makes less than average money he/she was making back home and spending twice as much as money than back home (parents home to be precise), to feel good about “the choice” of leaving and have some selfie to demonstrate it.

WoOoOhhhhh, a little harsh I would say. Still, here we go, do you fit into the revised definition? Yes! Finally we have found a match. Have we? Still uncertain? Let’s try again and see what we can come up with (by the way, when I use “we”, I am actually talking about myself in plural). A Digital Nomad is:

  • A location independent sole star-gazer, who makes of travel his/her life and works online just to pay bare necessities and expect the world to do the rest.

Niceee! Kind of romantic and cheap at the same time. There’s certainly some people out there that fit that description. Is that you? Do you find yourself defined by the above 3rd revised Digital Nomad definition?

Shall I carry on? No, no, no, no, I have had enough, I could carry on forever spinning on the original Wikipedia Digital Nomads definition, but I have better things to do.

Digital Nomad

The point I am trying to make by taking you through the above controversial and hopefully emotionally shaking exercise, is that although there’s a quite general Wikipedia Digital Nomads definition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every person with a backpack (or trolley) and a laptop can be called a Digital Nomad, or should call themselves Digital Nomads. The hype over the Digital Nomads Community or group, has only being generated and promoted by people and businesses that have financial interests in getting it going, so services and products can be sold to people who want to go for extended holidays, traveling and  in rare cases desiring a career change but not knowing where to start; the sad part is that those people have to justify their desire of freedom by labeling themselves again (it might be another post topic).

Digital Nomads labelled businesses have popped up in the past years, claiming to ease, improve or accelerate the process of becoming a Digital Nomad. They show pictures of lovely beaches with a guy or girl sitting on a beach typing away. Is that the romantic view that wannabes have of being a Digital Nomad? Do they really want to be on a laptop on a beautiful beach typing away? I really don’t get it, I would want to be swimming, chilling, drinking a cold beer, certainly not typing away in the heat and being focused on a device that take my conscience miles and miles away from that beautiful beach.

  • Travel is an engaging experience that requires full attention to, in order to make it bearable, fun and perceive its true nature.
  • Working and succeeding at it, also require a full-time dedication, to be able to achieve mastery and free yourself from the monthly salary chains.
  • Life in itself, also requires from us a lot of daily committed hours; you don’t really want to end up an old fart that has been places and can do some paid work; you want to be more rounded, you want to develop more skills, more awareness, you want to develop spiritually, emotionally and so forth.

That’s it, just a bunch of thoughts and to finish this post, far too long already, I want you to understand that as far as I am concerned, Digital Nomads are borne out of GROUND ZERO. The definite starting point, the blast, is the rejection of the original location and roots. What follows is the mission in staying nomadic and never stop learning. There’s no home to go back to, it’s not a holiday, mate!

Let’s see what you’ve got to say in the comments, if you have something to say at all! Do you have a definition for Digital Nomads?

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